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COVID-19 Policies 

Masking: Though the provincial mask mandate has now been lifted, I continue to request that patients wear a mask for all routine visits. If you have any cough/cold symptoms it will be required that you wear a mask for the duration of your visit. If you will not be able to comply with this policy, please book a telephone appointment to review things before coming into the clinic while symptomatic. Please consider that many of our patients are elderly, too young to be immunized, immunocompromised, or have conditions that would make them vulnerable to complications with any respiratory illness. I appreciate your cooperation in helping keep everyone safe and healthy! 

Vaccines: The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and I encourage all eligible persons to receive their primary series and any applicable booster doses. I am happy to chat about what this means for you anytime - please schedule an appointment. Unforunately, at this time we are not able to provide COVID-19 vaccine in the office; if this changes come the fall, information will be disseminated.  There is no requirement to be vaccinated in order to receive in-person healthcare in my office. 

Doctor's notes: As a general rule, workplaces cannot ask for physician's notes for absences due to COVID-19. In the event that they do require this of you, there will be a fee for these notes. The same goes for notes related to travel. Please contact the front desk for more information in these circumstances. I generally will not provide mask/vaccine exemptions. The list of conditions requiring these exemptions is very limited. If you feel you require one, please schedule an appointment, but be aware that I am rarely able to satisfy these requests. 

These policies are subject to change depending on community transmission levels and epidemiologic risk. I will update this section as required. 

COVID-19 Vaccination in Woodstock

Covid-19 Vaccination is safe and effective.

I strongly encourage all eligible persons to remain up to date on their primary series and boosters.


This guidance is ever-evolving. The most current information can be found at the Southwestern Health Unit's website below: ​


Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment to discuss any further questions you may have regarding immunizations; for COVID-19 or otherwise.

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