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We want to reassure you that our team is here to provide you in-person care for your acute illnesses when needed. Each of the physicians in our office offer a number of urgent same-day appointment slots for emergency use (note, these cannot be used for routine care), and our group’s after-hours clinic is open to you. 

We also wanted to reach out to offer some resources and suggestions for managing viral illnesses at home and provide guidance as to where and when to seek care if you are unwell. While it is true that most mild upper respiratory illnesses (even including most cases of COVID-19 and Influenza in otherwise healthy kids and adults) can be treated with “tylenol and time” and will resolve on their own, it can be hard to sort out when to worry, or when to call us. Try checking out the info below for really awesome detailed information: 


  • “Family Doctor Tips on Caring for Children with Respiratory Symptoms”

  • Click “HERE” to see a home virus-management guide created by the doctors at Athlone Family Medicine - to give you an idea of when to call us/when to worry. 


  • I have COVID - when do I call my doctor?” -

  • Also, folks at “high risk” for severe COVID-19 may qualify for treatment with Paxlovid, an antiviral medication. Learn more about that here.



  • If you’re not sure whether to call us at the office or in after-hours clinic, try this symptom-checker, which can give you advice. You can also chat with a nurse through this site.

  • “Deciding to come to the Emergency Department” 


Our After-Hours Clinic - which can be accessed by all patients of Athlone Family Medicine - is available if your usual family doctor is not able to accommodate you on short-notice. 

Don’t forget, this clinic is located at 600 Princess St. in Woodstock. Hours are Monday-Thursday starting at 5:00pm and Sunday mornings starting at 8:00am. 

As a reminder please call at the time of the clinic open to reserve an appointment time. 


The best treatment is prevention! We strongly encourage all patients who are eligible to receive a bivalent COVID-19 booster this fall (not sure if you’re eligible? Check here!) AND a flu shot. We have high levels of the flu circulating in our community, and causing severe disease in children. Most pharmacies have flu vaccine available and have reasonable after-hours and weekend access. We have a limited flu vaccine supply, and do not stock COVID-19 vaccines. If you’re seeing us for another reason, please inquire about a flu vaccine if you have not yet had yours this year. For all those ages 5 and above, you can get the Flu and COVID-19 vaccines on the same day, or spaced close together. Kids under 5 are advised to wait 14 days between vaccines. 

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