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For Enrolled Patients

The information on this page pertains to patients of Dr. Davies who have completed their Meet and Greet visit and are being actively followed.

We continue to work our way through the waitlist - if you have not been contacted yet, you will not be able to access the below services. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Booking

A Limited number of appointment types are available to be booked online. If you need to be seen for a reason not listed in the online booking platform, please call the office to schedule your visit. Thank you! 

After-Hours Clinic

After-hours doctors are not able to assess non-urgent or chronic symptoms.

Location: 600 Princess Street, unit 203.

Clinic Opens: 

Monday-Thursday - 5:00pm

Sunday - 8:00am

Holidays may affect these hours

Please call 519-421-9824 as soon as the clinic opens to reserve your appointment.  

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